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Live in London with Phil Manzanera: 'Out of the Blue'
Live in Japan with Phil Manzanera ft Hotei: 'High Atlas'
Live in Argentina with Phil Manzanera : 'Amazona'
Live at Curious Arts Festival with Phil Manzanera: 'More Than This'
'Road'- We Are Shining
Red Hot Momma - Live at Hootananny Brixton
Live with Phil Manzanera: 'Love is The Drug
Live with Phil Manzanera: 'Take A Chance With Me'
"Are We Done"- Brooke Law
Plasma Pedal Demonstration -
Live at Toe Rag Studios
'Broken Minds'- The Scruff Club
'Don't Steal My Thunder'- The Scruff Club
'I'm Leaving the Table' Leonardo Cohen cover w/ Bernardo
'It Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore' - Nick Cave cover w/ Bernardo
Parliament Funkadelic Medley by W.S.F.B.
'We Are Them' : Soundtrack Commission.
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My Channel

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"Happy Funkin Birthday"- Special Commision 
"Rollercoaster"- The Scruff Club
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