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Guitar Recording- Remote Sessions

I'm experienced in the studio environment, both as a guitarist and engineer, and proficient in many styles of music. If you need some guitar to bring that extra energy to your recording look no farther. You will receive the unmixed stems, recorded with both a condenser and dynamic microphone, as well as the D.I. track, for you to re amp at will. You will find a gear list at the bottom of the page.

Furthermore, I can E.Q. and mix the guitars, with different options and professional plug ins upon request!

Arranging/ Band leading

I'm an experience arranger, having worked on many genres, from 12 piece funk bands to small orchestras or electronic projects. I'm currently the conductor/ in house arranger for the Clapham Grand Orchestra and the Late Night Special Feature Band, specialising in arrangements of classic film scores and songs, adapted to a new format to provide an immersive experience.

If you need a string quartet or brass section for your track, or you are a songwriter in need of a band for touring, dont hesitate to get in touch!

Band Recording- Mixing - Studio Production

Is your band ready to record but you lack the budget for a big studio? Is your mix sounding dull and lifeless ? I can help! Whether you need editing, a quick demo mix or a full professional production, I will deliver great results for a budget, with as many changes as you require. Having managed ICMP's recording studio and engineered at other great facilities across London, I'm confident I will deliver you a great sounding recording.  For added flexibility, you have the choice of my personal studio facilities or the other two professional studios where I work, The Park Studios in Wembley  or Gallery Studios. Get in touch for details and rates!

Live performance & Functions

I'm always happy to perform for a new artist! Whether you are an acoustic songwriter or an electronic band, I have the skills and equipment to find the part your song needs and perform it on stage with you, wether it's a one off performance or a tour.


I'm also a veteran of the function scene, having performed all across London and the U.K. at weddings, birthdays etc. I'm familiar with most of the standards and have a repertoire of over 150 songs. I'm also a quick learner have pro gear, and know my way around a P.A. system. 

Should you be in need of a band to play at your event, do not hesitate to get in touch. I'm part a number of function ensembles, from 4 to 12 performers including a horn section. From suit and tie to covered in glitter, we adapt to any situation, have our own sound system and transport and can travel anywhere in the U.K.


I'm an experienced music and guitar teacher, having taught both in Spain and the U.K. I'm a member of the Musicians Union and can provide an enhanced DBS certificate upon request. I'm also currently on the roster of two teaching organizations, The Band Project and Dr Music Lessons. I can teach from home, from my fully equipped studio in Manor House or at the student's home.

Promotion - Live Production -Stage Managing

Contact me if you're in need of a stage manager or production member for your event. I've worked in venues like Barfly and The Jazz Cafe, festivals like Leefest  or La Notte della Taranta and organised events at Proud Camden, The Hospital Club or London Fields Brewery, as well as having co-created The Industry Showcase, which gave exposure to artists now signing record deals. 



Finally, I run my own promotion company Lemongrass and have worked with other companies like The Artful Badger or Carousel. At the moment we're only putting on a night called The Songwriter's Guild at Apples & Pears in Brick Lane. Should you be interested in performing please click on the link below and tell us about you!

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